Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lunexinvestments?

Lunexinvestments is a unique investment platform that allows increasing the capital of online investors and owners of crypto assets from all corners of the world.

Who manages the investment portfolio?

Investment portfolio management is carried out by a team of experienced employees of Lunexinvestments. Thoroughly weighing each of its actions, the company guarantees the safety of all investors’ funds and payments in full in a timely manner.

How can I register a new account?

To register a new account, simply click the “Register New Account” button or “Sign Up” link and fill out the required information.

How can I add money to my account and create a deposit?

Login to your account Go to “Create a deposit” Select the payment system (Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Ethereum is available) Choose an investment plan Indicate the desired amount of investment Click on “Pay”

What payment systems do you work with?

At the moment, we use Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Ethereum. The company also plans to expand the list of payment methods. You can learn about adding new payment systems from our news.

Can I have several accounts in the system?

No. Each user can register in the system only once. If a violation of this rule is discovered all your accounts can be locked forever.

What actions can be performed in my account?

You can change your personal information and password, make investments, withdraw funds, view the history of deposits and operations with balance and get a unique referral link to participate in the referral program and track referral charges.

How can i change personal information in my account?

Choose “Account settings” in the menu in your account. Enter the new data and then click “Change account settings” to save the changes.

What can I do if i can't login to my account because I have forgotten my password?

Click on “Forgot password?” and then follow the instructions to restore access to your account.

I can't log into my account, what can cause the problem?

If you can’t log into your personal account on our website then you probably entered incorrect login or password. Do the following: Carefully check the entered data. Make sure that when you enter the data the correct language is chosen and also the Caps Lock is not active. If you can’t access your account click on “Forgot your password?”. If you didn’t manage to log into your account even after the measures mentioned above apply to the Lunexinvestments Support Service.

What is the minimum/maximum I can invest?

You can invest in our platform any amount, starting from 0,003 BTC, 0,6 LTC or 0,15 ETH. The maximum size of the deposit is 24 BTC, 4800 LTC or 1200 ETH. For each of the plans, the same amount limits.

What is the minimum/maximum I can withdraw?

The amount of earnings is calculated on the basis of a particular investment plan and the amount of the deposit. The maximum earnings are not limited. Remember, the more your investment, the higher your income is.

How soon will my deposit be added to my account after the transfer of funds?

A deposit will be created automatically, immediately after three confirmations in the Blockchain network for BTC and 5 confirmations for Ethereum.

Can I create several deposits at once?

Yes. One user can create an unlimited number of deposits.

How secure is the site and my account information?

The company guarantees complete confidentiality of each user’s data. Your personal information is 100% protected from attacks by third parties.

Still Curious?

Can I deposit directly from my account balance?

Yes. On the platform, there is a possibility to invest funds from the balance in your personal account, which allows you to avoid the costs of a payment system commission. Do the following: Login to your account Go to “Create a deposit” Select the payment system (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum is available) Choose an investment plan Indicate the desired amount of investment Click on “Pay”

Is there any commission for replenishing personal balance on the platform?

No, we don’t charge any interest for replenishing the balance. However, making a payment, it is necessary to take into account the commission of the payment system itself.

How can I check the balance in my account?

Log into your account: the balance is on the main page of your account.

How do you calculate the interest on my deposit?

Calculation of your profit is carried out depending on the chosen plan, the amount of the deposit as well as its validity term. To find out the exact amount of income, use the convenient calculator on our website.

Money has not been credited to my e-wallet. What can I do?

If funds have not been credited to your balance, follow these steps: Make sure that you sent a withdrawal request (view the history of transactions in your account). Check if 10 working hours have passed since the submission of your withdrawal request. If the funds were not credited within 10 working hours contact support. Our experts will solve the problems in an extremely short time.

How long does it take to transfer funds?

As a rule, the transfer of funds to the user’s electronic currency account is carried out within 10 working hours.

What are the advantages of the referral program? How can I participate?

The referral program from Lunexinvestments is your opportunity to get passive income on our platform without investing personal funds and any time costs. Participating in the referral program is extremely simple: Tell your friends and acquaintances about the benefits of working with Lunexinvestments Copy the unique referral link in your account and help potential partners sign up using it. Get bonuses from all the deposits of your invited partners for life.

Do you have the referral program?

Yes. Use all opportunities to earn money with Lunexinvestments simultaneously.

How will I get my referral commission?

The commission will be credited to your balance automatically, immediately after the deposit is created by the referral.

Where can I find my referral link?

Log into your account and copy the referral link at the lower part of the screen.

I want to attract new investors to Lunexinvestments, but I haven’t yet made any deposit. Can I still participate in the referral program?

Yes, you can. The presence of an active deposit is not an obligatory condition for participation in the referral program.

How do you know that the new investor was invited by me?

If a new investor has signed up on the site having clicked on your referral link, the system automatically makes you their up-liner. To avoid mistakes always try to help new users with signing up.