Trade CFD's on Indices

Use the liquid Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and other indices in online trading.

More Than 15 Indices From All Over The World

The most liquid and volatile indices of the United States, Asia and Europe are available to choose from.

Execution Of Deals Without Commissions

Opening and closing orders is carried out without hidden fees and additional payments.

Mobile Or Web Trading

It is possible to trade CFDs on indices in one click via a mobile terminal and a web platform.

Create an Account and get up to 3.0% commission for each referral.

More About Indices Trading

Indices are a category of financial instruments that display the average value of a group of stocks. The indices can include any number of securities of companies in the same field of activity. Through this combination, it is possible to track the dynamics of individual financial markets: industry, real estate, information technologies, and others.

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