Partnership For Excellence

Licensing and Accreditations

Extensive information about the brokerage company’s partners, including liquidity providers, national regulators, and international financial centers.

Quotix Aggregator

One of the world’s largest aggregators of liquidity with accurate and stable data transfer to partner brokers.

JP Morgan

A financial center that combines quotes from different sources and routes them directly to brokerage companies


The European Financial Directive, which prescribes clear regulated rules for the operation of brokerage companies in Europe and other regions.


The presence of a license of this organization indicates compliance with clear regulations and control of transactions.

Goldman Sachs

One of the largest financial companies in the world, which provides access to certain trust management services, liquidity quotes and other financial instruments.


The Cyprus national regulator, which is characterized by the strictness of the regulations for checking partner brokerage companies.


The Maltese national regulator, which oversees the financial activities of licensed companies.


Financial regulator, which licenses the companies from Australia and a few regions of the offshore zone.