About Us

Professional Brokers Putting Maximum Effort

Traders and private investors from different regions of the world trust Lunexinvestments, as the key to success is  balancing trading conditions and strict compliance to international service standards.

Professional Portfolio

The unique trading terminal was created by a team of IT specialists, taking into account the needs of  Lunexinvestments traders.

The software has built-in analysis instruments, an informative graph display, and a wide list of settings. You can trade using this platform, both from mobile devices and from a computer.

Why Lunexinvestments Stands out when it comes to Investment

In 2021, the number of active traders in the company increased by 62%, which was the best result in the entire history of the broker’s activity.

Advanced Technology

Request for deposit or withdrawals are processed automatically within ample time.

New Investment Programs

Advanced order settings is just a function of few clicks, as they are important for subtle options.

Elite Brokers of 2024

New assets are constantly been added to the existing categories of financial instruments and lots more.


What actions can be performed in my account?

You can change your personal information and password, make investments, withdraw funds, view the history of deposits and operations with balance and get a unique referral link to participate in the referral program and track referral charges.

How can i change personal information in my account?

Choose “Account settings” in the menu in your account. Enter the new data and then click “Change account settings” to save the changes.

What can I do if i can't login to my account because I have forgotten my password?

Click on “forgot password?” and then follow the instructions to restore access to your account.

Can I create several deposits at once?

Yes. One user can create an unlimited number of deposits.

Is there any commission for replenishing personal balance on the platform?

No, we don’t charge any interest for replenishing the balance. However, making a payment, it is necessary to take into account the commission of the payment system itself.

How do you calculate the interest on my deposit?

Calculation of your profit is carried out depending on the chosen plan, the amount of the deposit as well as its validity term. To find out the exact amount of income, use the convenient calculator on our website.